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Programmatic Ads


Programmatic advertising is a part of the display advertising services we offer. But what is it? It’s like having a super-smart assistant for your ad campaigns. Instead of manually buying ad space, programmatic advertising uses advanced technology and algorithms to automate the process, strategically placing your ads where they’ll have the most impact and the biggest potential of making a splash.

Imagine a digital wizard in your corner, working behind the scenes to ensure your ads are seen by the right people at the right time. Just set your targeting preferences and budget, and watch as the magic happens.

With programmatic advertising, reaching your target audience becomes more efficient and effective, completely changing the way you market your business in the fast-paced digital landscape.

But before all that happens, you need to set things up the right way, and for this very purpose – you need the services of a Programmatic Advertising Agency.

What Are Programmatic Ads & How Can They Help Your Business

That’s a fair question – there’s so many things going around in the online sphere. Facebook, X, YouTube advertising services, Google Ads, SEO… It’s getting hard to keep track, let alone recognise the differences. But that’s why we’re here – programmatic ads are a game-changer for businesses looking to expand their reach and increase their online visibility. In the right hands, they offer unparalleled targeting capabilities, allowing your business to connect with its perfect target audience in real time.

These ads not only streamline the advertising process but also provide valuable insights into consumer behaviour and campaign performance. From driving website traffic to boosting sales and conversions, programmatic ads can help your brand ace your marketing goals more efficiently and effectively.

This is the tool you need to stay afloat – and ahead – in today’s competitive digital landscape. And things change at a mind-numbing pace up in here.

Don’t miss your chance to stay on top!


Traditional advertising takes time, as effective as it can be. There are things like developing requests for proposals (RFPs) and quotes, negotiations, or insertion orders. With programmatic, the process is more streamlined. Advertisers can buy and place ads quickly through Real-Time Bidding. Nice, effective and convenient.


With programmatic advertising, you can reach audiences based on different marketing signals – like shopping or browsing activity across various devices. Now that’s power.


Normally, your ads are purchased in bulk and because of that, you actually have little control over placement and inventory. With programmatic advertising, you know where your ads will appear and have greater confidence that they’ll show up in relevant brand environments.


Real-time measurement and optimization – simple as that. This gives you incredible potential and flexibility to drive maximum results. Knowledge is power – but in this case, data is power.

Programmatic Advertising Agency Toolkit

There are many tools that can help us whip up the perfect recipe for your success, but let’s focus on the star of the show – Google Display & Video Ads 360. A truly powerful tool with incredible potential but only in the right hands. And that’s exactly what Revelation Digital is!

This is only one tool, as useful as it is, but let’s not forget the toolbox that is the Google Marketing Platform – a perfect solution for display advertising services and much more.

Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform is a web-based service offered by Google that businesses use to create, manage, optimise, and measure their Google ad campaigns. This is a performance marketing solution that can be used to your advantage. Watch your sales numbers go up with this automated online advertising solution – provided you know what you’re doing. Our rapid growth depends on paid media to reach consumers – and Google Marketing Platform has proven to be a solid performance media partner. We’ve expanded our agency beyond just marketing to create an all-in-one solution for our clients.

Google Display & Video Ads 360 (DV360)

Google Display & Video Ads 360 is a new service by Google that offers a 360-degree view of the world of online advertising – it gives you the opportunity to see the world of online advertising in 360 degrees. All that in one single platform.

With Google Display & Video 360, you will get a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Machine learning (increases productivity through automated bidding);
  • Google Display & Video 360 (helps to buy targeted audiences);
  • The best quality and most advanced targeted websites to strengthen ROI;
  • Making teamwork easy without delays and reducing friction;

This means you can now access multiple types of ads, along with a wealth of useful information about each one, using an immersive viewer, which includes 360-degree video ads, 360-degree image ads, carousel ads, carousel image ads, and interactive ads. Ads of all types have their own set of features and benefits.

Google Display End-to-End Programmatic Campaign

The Google Display end-to-end programmatic campaign offers expert management, implementation, and everything you could possibly need to boost your next advertising campaign. You can easily plan, create, optimise and manage your advertising project with Google Display & Video 360 from start to end. That’s a little different from what a paid search marketing agency could offer, but any less effective!

Display Advertising Services – Programmatic Ads FAQ

You already know the answers to some questions – like what are programmatic ads, for example. But things can get more confusing than that, which is precisely why we decided to put together this short guide and share more knowledge!

Is Google Ads programmatic advertising?

While Google Ads is not inherently a programmatic advertising platform, Google does offer Display & Video 360 (DV360), which is exactly that. It enables advertisers to manage their ads across various websites and platforms, reaching potential customers in real time.

Why should I bother with programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising makes reaching your target audience easier and more efficient. Plus, it’s super transparent and gives you real-time insights into how your ads are performing, so you can tweak things for better results.

How can I get started with programmatic advertising?

Getting started is easier than you might think! You can work with a programmatic advertising platform or agency that will help you set up and manage your campaigns. They’ll handle all the technical stuff so you can focus on growing your business.

What should I keep track of when running programmatic ad campaigns?

Keep an eye on key metrics like how many people are seeing your ads (impressions), how many are clicking on them (click-through rate), and how many are taking action (conversions). This will help you understand what’s working and what needs adjusting.

How do I know if my programmatic ads are actually working?

Simple! Look at the data. Measure things like how much you’re spending on ads compared to how much revenue they’re bringing in (return on investment). If the numbers look good, you’re on the right track! If not, it might be time to switch things up.