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Reveal. Relate. Resonate. Rejoice.


Rejoicing in Remarkable Performance.

Sing praises to the perfect mix of media, creative & ROI.

Media Performance, Always.

Specifically created to meet the ever-rising expectations of today’s marketing teams, Revelation Rejoice helps provide proof and accountability back to senior management (or investors) so that every dollar being spent on digital media is actually yielding the business solid returns and profitability. With endless amounts of audience and conversion data available to be improved upon by AI bidders or media traders, there’s no reason why every media campaign shouldn’t be considered ‘performance-driven’! Always learning, always getting smarter and always getting more efficient as the campaign goes on.

Super-Granular Optimisations.

By deploying our ad server to help monitor every single touchpoint and audience interaction, we’re able to be 100% accountable for each campaign we work on (across all channels and creative assets), whilst delivering de-duplicated, 1:1 results with our clients own internal reporting systems. We precisely track everything we do, to know exactly what audiences are doing and then align it all to what you do! Client, customer and agency – completely unified and rejoicing together!

To help achieve deeper levels of campaign optimisation, we typically capture GDPR compliant non-Personally Identifiable Information (non-PII) like lead_IDs, Customer_IDs or Order_IDs. This somewhat meaningless number is then used to provide a highly meaningful, 360 view of each and every customer, painting a much clearer picture of what happened to them pre & post conversion, so we can better optimise and personalise their media journey accordingly.

Test, Learn & Maximise.

Our performance media team specialises in successful acquisition, conversion and retention campaigns which turn customer intent into action, at scale! We A/B test absolutely everything and apply an additional level of accountability to the media buy in order to generate higher-quality leads, more valued customers, super-engaged subscribers or more precious apps users.

It’s a never-ending loop of test & learn combined with simple mathematics – enough new leads coming in, at a high enough quality, to convert into customers and repeat customers.

Pure Rejoice

Need better leads – and more of them? On a case by case basis, we also offer a pure ‘pay per result’ pricing model. This affiliate-style approach is aimed at driving consumer action from people who are in the market now! We use advanced audience targeting, optimised ad creatives, path-to-conversion analysis, customer journey modelling and Conversion Rate Optimisation, coupled with direct response digital media channels that deliver real results (usually structured on a CPL or CPA model).

We have our own affiliate website if needed and can help take all the risk out of the media buy, so you can sit back and watch the results come in at a price you’re happy with! Leave the media performance to us so you can focus more on what you do best… running your business.

Reveal. Relate. Resonate. Rejoice.


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