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Video Marketing Agency


Video advertising and marketing is an extremely effective way to grow your brand.

For starters, video has become the most popular way to communicate today in the fast-paced world of broadband Internet. That’s the easiest and much more effective way to grab the attention of your audience.

Research shows that 95% of consumers retain information better when they watch a video than when they read text. That’s a great opportunity for you to tell your story and make it stick. Your audience is clearly much more inclined to listen.

That’s why it’s crucial to get it exactly right and say all the right things. Don’t miss out and leave everything up to chance – bet on the pros.

We can help you craft the perfect message!

TikTok, Instagram & YouTube Advertising Services

We’ve done it all, with extensive experience across all major platforms with video advertising options and possibilities. All have different things to offer in terms of potential ROI, whereas the campaigns have different and unique requirements. We’ve got the recipe for success, whatever way you choose to go.

If you’re unsure about the differences between specific ones and their benefits, or perhaps, you’re still on the fence about whether to start a campaign in the first place, or combine different platforms for best returns – we’ve got you covered.

You can count on our support, advice and expertise every step of the way.

Engaging Content

If you’ve ever been on YouTube, you may be familiar with how effective this form of marketing can be. It doesn’t matter whether you’re advertising a product, a service, promoting a brand, or just sharing your opinion – a well-made video is always a great way to reach your target audience.

We can help you create a powerful and informative video that will allow you to connect with potential clients to cut through the hyper-competitive landscape of digital advertising.

Or, if you run an eCommerce store, you could use a series of short videos to drive traffic to your site. Read on to learn how you can employ Revelation Digital’s expert approach that is guaranteed to get results. We’ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeve!

Power of YouTube

If you want to make money online, you need to harness the power of video marketing. Once you try quality YouTube advertising services, you’ll experience firsthand that it’s like unlocking a cheat code.

Whether you just starting out or have some experience under your belt already, you probably have heard people talking about how YouTube can be used to advertise products. However, many marketers don’t realise just how powerful this is.

Statistics show that the average person watches 23 minutes per day, but this doubles to 46 minutes when looking at the USA. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that Australians are close to America’s 46-minute estimate.

Let’s not forget that the amount of time spent viewing a particular video can vary widely. The longer someone stays on your website, the more likely they will buy something from you. So, by creating interesting and engaging videos, you’ll get a lot of attention, but you can also leverage the power of ads to run on videos created by other content creators. This can be much more effective if you’re struggling to gain traction on your own organic content.

YouTube is also very easy to use. You can create a free account, upload your content, and start making money right away with minimum resources, or use this as a testing ground for creating other content (such as online landing page videos, TV spots, etc.).

Professional Commercials for the Win

There is no doubt that video marketing can be effective when used correctly. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, then you need a way of attracting people to your website. This means that you have to use the video marketing strategy.

When you place a commercial in the local market, the commercial is much more likely to make an impact, and this is especially true if you run a local business. Sure, a national ad would be more impactful, but these are also more expensive and will severely diminish your ROI if you are not a national business with many locations. It is important to understand the different types of audiences to determine the right video marketing and advertising strategy for your commercial.

There are three main categories of audience:

  • Demographics
  • Social media
  • Psychographics

Each type of audience is unique, so it is essential to formulate your commercial according to your specific needs. Psychographics might be a new term for you. It is similar to demographics but concerns the study of an individual’s (or community’s) attitudes, opinions, interests, and beliefs, and it also includes their behaviour and what activities they participate in.

Any new business’s biggest challenge is finding the right customers to target and communicate with. Commercials help businesses identify potential customers actively seeking the product or service they offer. Revelation Digital provides you with a complete solution all on one platform.

Grow Your Brand with Video

The best way to increase your brand awareness is by using video. Video marketing and video advertising are great ways to explain a product or service entertainingly and engagingly, making it easier to understand the kind of message you want to deliver.

In today’s digital world, videos are everywhere, and video marketing is quickly becoming a critical component of every business’s online marketing mix. Marketers must ensure they build customer relationships through video to maximise opportunities to drive revenue and conversions.

We provide clients with complete services covering everything from design, content creation, and search engine optimization, right through to social media marketing. Our company was established in the belief that we could create a better tomorrow for our clients and their target markets alike by providing premium content for their customers and a positive experience for their viewers.

Optimise Online Video Campaigns

Optimising online video campaigns is a complex process that requires a great deal of research. While some online videos are better than others, they can be optimised to reach different viewers depending on their demographics and the context in which they are placed.

Video marketing is an excellent way to communicate your message to your target audience. You can use video marketing to reach prospective clients more effectively on social media networks — and oftentimes this new audience requires only minimal tweaking (and therefore minimal cost) to help expand your reach without breaking the bank. Video marketing offers your customers more reasons to buy from you and provides a new channel for your business to be found online. Remember: aside from being wildly popular, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and Google, as the largest search engine and part of the same company as YouTube, will tend to rank YouTube videos with more importance than those of other websites.

When it comes to using videos, you have a lot of options. For example, you could create your own, upload an existing one, or hire someone else to do it for you. There are many reasons why you would choose to go with a professional instead of doing it yourself.

You’ll get better results.

You can save money.

You won’t waste time figuring out how to edit and post your videos.

You also don’t have to worry about getting sued by YouTube or other websites for matters such as copyright infringement.

We do it all – TikTok, Instagram and YouTube advertising services to optimise online video campaigns to streamline your campaign and make the most of every dollar. Revelation Digital is also a Facebook Advertising agency, among other things, to offer the most comprehensive service and help you grow your business the best way possible.

Get Rolling with Video Today

As you know, many companies use videos for marketing their products. And when it comes to making a great marketing video, you need to make sure that your content is unique. If someone else makes a similar one first, you won’t be able to get customers’ attention and resonate with your audience the same way.

Even small businesses can easily stand out, put up a good fight against the big guys, and cause quite a stir in the industry with a well-made video ad.

Your story is unique – so tell it in a unique way.

FAQs – Video Advertising

Does your crew film the video?

Revelation Digital has an in-house crew capable of small- to medium-sized shoots. If a video marketing agency hires a professional crew, it will typically be able to deliver a high-quality product. The company will often produce a short video or advertisement and hire a professional crew to complete the work. Some companies will take the initiative to create their videos independently, although this is less common.

Can I use my own video?

Yes, but you must get permission from the copyright holder. When you create a YouTube video, you own the content; however, you become the owner when you upload your video to YouTube. For YouTube to use your video, you must permit them to use it by clicking “Enable” at the bottom of your video, which allows embedding.

How long are the videos typically?

A video on YouTube typically ranges in length between 10 to 15 minutes. To make sure you get the most out of the video, you should try to watch it straight through from start to finish without stopping for any reason.

How long is a short video?

A short video is typically 1 minute or shorter. However, a video that is ten minutes long is not considered short if the video is relevant to the subject. YouTube Shorts is also a medium to keep in mind.

What’s the perfect video length?

The length of time a video will last depends on the content. When editing videos for YouTube, you should try to keep the duration of the videos between 1 minute and 30 minutes. For videos uploaded directly to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, a duration of 1 minute or less is best, with most videos performing well now being 15 to 30 seconds or less.